Summer is approaching fast, so most moms are starting to make their summer survival plan.  You know what my plan is? I want to do more than survive. I want to enjoy the extra time with my 3 (almost 4) year old and my baby.  I want to be intentional with that extra time, and I want to make memories. So here is my plan…

SAHMSummerSurvivalPlanPinterest (1).png

I plan to be organized.

This will help me be intentional with our time.  This will give us more time to play and more time to learn.

I plan to keep a routine.

Emma and I thrive on routine.  We both like knowing what is coming our way.  We both like to have a plan, and we are both less stressed when we don’t deviate from the routine.

I plan to change up the routine.

Let’s be honest, we all need a day to do nothing every now and then (we call this PJ day). Also, some days, we might just need to forget the to-do list and get out of the house. As much as we love our routine, a little change is needed and helpful.

I plan to teach every step of the way.

Emma loves when I make her activities, set up games, plan a craft, read books, and take time to work with her on different skills.  What I want to improve this summer is taking time to teach along the way. I want to be intentional to keep my eyes open for those teachable moments.

So, join along for some inspiration for you and your kiddos this summer!  Our Summer series will be starting soon.