Craft Supplies to Keep at Home

When I was teaching, fun crafts were my favorite thing to plan.  I loved creating relevant crafts that left room for lots of creativity from my students.  And, as a mom, I feel the same way. My preschooler LOVES crafts with mommy!

20craftsuppliespinterest (1).png

As a mom, I donโ€™t always have the time to plan like I did as a teacher, so I just make sure I always have any supplies we might want to use on hand.

Here are some of the supplies I always keep stocked up:

  1. Markers

  2. Crayons

  3. Construction paper

  4. Drawing paper

  5. Yarn

  6. Googly Eyes

  7. Pom Poms

  8. Pipe Cleaners

  9. Straws

  10. Popsicle sticks

  11. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls

  12. Paper plates

  13. Glue

  14. Scissors

  15. Stickers

  16. Paint

  17. Paint brushes

  18. Stamps and Ink

  19. Buttons

  20. Vinyl tablecloth--I lay this down for EVERYTHING!

Giving children lots of opportunities to create is so important for their development, so if you donโ€™t keep craft supplies on hand, this list will give you a starting point.  Now, go help your child create!