5 Ideas for Sensory Fun

We are all about sensory bins in our family! Emma (age 3) likes to stay clean, so I realized early on I needed to offer lots of sensory fun.  At first, she had trouble exploring and playing...she could only think about the mess. BUT, she has learned to enjoy the mess, and now she begs to play with different sensory bins/do different sensory activities.

Shaving Cream


I normally just put shaving cream on a cookie sheet at the kitchen table and let her have free play. This one is loads of fun and great for my little princess that does not like getting messy! We also like to add in foam letters or numbers to search for.

Water Beads


We love water beads. I normally put them in a big cake pan.  We will play with water beads by themselves, but sometimes we add letters or toys in with the water beads.  For my nephew’s 3rd Birthday, we added lots of alligators and snakes.

Rice Bin


Our rice bin has given us countless hours of fun.  Almost every time we stay home for a ‘pj day’ Emma asks if I will get out the rice bin. I always keep foam letters, measuring cups, and ice trays in the bin.  We will add in different things when we think of them. When Emma was younger, she would love when I hid her little character figures in there. She would dig around till she found each one.


IMG_1242 (1).JPG

Our love of playing in sand developed at the Rory Meyers Children’s Garden at the Dallas Arboretum. Since baby #2 came along we don’t have countless hours to spend out and about, so I decided I needed to make a sand bin for her to enjoy at home...we will be conquering that soon.



We play with playdough on a cookie sheet. Playdough is such a fun, inexpensive activity. We like to use cookie cutters, kitchen utensils, and playdough toys. For a long time, this was my go to activity for Princess P when I was trying to cook dinner. Also, you can always make your own playdough on days you have the time.  This is the recipe we use. It lasts a long time.

These are my top five sensory activities.  We go back to these over and over and over! What’s your favorite sensory fun to offer your little ones?

PS- I really like this blog post from Busy Toddler on the importance of sensory play.

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