5 Places to Splash at the Dallas Arboretum

The second week we were living in Dallas, a new friend invited Emma and I to join in on a trip to The Dallas Arboretum.  Ever since then, it has seriously been our favorite place in Dallas.  We typically go once a week.  It is very easy to spend hours upon hours of fun there, but because we are members sometimes our trips are short.  One of our favorite things to do at the Arboretum is to cool off by splashing.  There are 5 really great places to cool off in the water.



The springs are a great place to splash and not get completely wet.  This is also a favorite picnic spot. One of our current favorite activities is to have leaf races.  There have been days that we have gone to the Arboretum and spent our entire time in this area.



The frogs are at the end of Crepe Myrtle Allie.  This spot is really beautiful year round. Be sure to pack a towel and change of clothes if you plan to splash here. Emma normally winds up completely soaked.  

The Rory Myers Children's Garden


Right inside the gate to the Rory Meyer's Children's Adventure Garden, there is a great splash area.  There are shaded seats along the outside for parents, but NO shade when splashing.  Make sure you take some sunscreen if you plan to go to this area.

Toddler Garden


The Toddler Garden is right inside the Rory Meyer's Children's Adventure Garden.  This is a great shaded area with plenty of room for your little ones to run out some energy.  This is a favorite for us right now because the shade is perfect for baby brother.

T. Boone Pickens Pure Energy at the Children's Garden


Emma calls this area the 'hand splash pad'. This is a great opportunity for learning through play.  While older kids will get more, educationally speaking, from this area, the younger kids have SO MUCH FUN here.

We feel so blessed to have The Dallas Arboretum to visit regularly.  It is our favorite place in Dallas, and I will be forever thankful to the friend that introduced us to the gem!

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