50 Ideas for Summer Outings with your Kids

50 Summer Outings with Kids

When we moved to Dallas almost two years ago, I was overwhelmed with the endless possibilities for outings.  There is seriously ALWAYS something new to go do. Thankfully, someone sent me a list of ideas they had for the Dallas area.  It helped me so much to have an organized list of activities, so here is a list for you. This is not just specific to Dallas.

50 Summer Outings for you Kids--50 ideas of fun Summer Outings for you and your kids

1-Indoor mall

2-Storytime at the Library

3-Church Play Area

4-Indoor Play Area

5-Target (we love looking at the toys...train your children to not ask to buy, but to enjoy looking)

6-Museum (TIP-ask grandparents for memberships as birthday/Christmas gifts)

7-Open Gym at local recreation center

8-Jump place


10-Splash Pad

11-Picnic at a lake

12-Zoo (again, TIP-ask grandparents for memberships as birthday/Christmas gifts)

13-Feed ducks

14-Snow cone outing

15-visit an Orchard

16-Ice Cream Outing

17-visit a local farm/petting zoo

18- go on a hike

19- go to a movie

20-water park

21-amusement park

22-mini golf


24-ride the local train

25-go to a baseball game or other sporting event

26-Farmerโ€™s Market

27-fly a kite at the park

28-take a one day road trip (Waco, TX is on our list)

29-manicures and pedicures for little girls (inexpensive and oh so fun!)

30-go fishing

31-attend an art class

32-trip to dollar tree

33-trip to pet store

34-Ride bikes on local trail

35-Chick-Fil- A (We live in walking distance!)


37-Trampoline Park

38-Trader Joeโ€™s or local grocery store

39-Watch airplanes take off and land at airport

40-Fire Station

41- ceramic painting

42-home depot workshop

43- free local concert

44-Indoor ice skating

45-Take nature pictures

46-Disney Store

47-Visit a pool


49-Happy Hour at Sonic (Again, this one is walking distance for us!)

50-attend a music class

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