50 Things to Do at Home This Summer

As a teacher, I learned that if I did not keep my students busy then things got out of control quickly.  As a mom, things get out of control even faster if we don’t stay busy...or at least have a purpose. I like to keep a list of different activities and prepare them in advance.  This way, if we find a free moment and need something to fill the time, we have something to do.

  1. make slime
  2. play in a rice bin
  3. build something (we are obsessed with magna tiles...click here to see which ones we like)
  4. blow bubbles
  5. pour station with water
  6. play in a bath
  7. paint a picture
  8. play a game
  9. sensory bin fun (check out 5 Ideas for Sensory Fun)
  10. eat a popsicle
  11. free play
  12. watch a show
  13. bake cookies
  14. make homemade pizza
  15. make playdough
  16. play with playdough (Play-Dough Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers)
  17. make bricks and build with Mad Matter (click here)
  18. have a dance party
  19. sidewalk chalk
  20. build a fort
  21. make ice cream
  22. paint fingernails and toenails
  23. tye dye--we have not actually dont this...but I have promised Princess P we will soon.
  24. read books
  25. play doctor
  26. color
  27. busy bag activities
  28. have a tea party
  29. play dress up
  30. play ‘family’
  31. hula hoop fun
  32. jump rope fun (10 Jump Rope Activities)
  33. mommy and me workout on youtube (this is Emma’s favorite)
  34. practice cutting with scissors (or tearing paper)
  35. practice writing name
  36. clean the house
  37. water fun in backyard
  38. riding toys in driveway
  39. build with blocks
  40. play with pom poms
  41. have an indoor picnic
  42. watch a movie
  43. take a bubble bath
  44. take a walk
  45. bake cookies
  46. write a letter/color a picture for an out of town family member
  47. invite a friend over to play
  48. cuddle
  49. play school
  50. play grocery store
Summer Fun Ideas- Stay At Home Momming- 50 Ideas of what to do at home this summer