Dallas Zoo Fun

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The Dallas Zoo is definitely on my list of top 5 places to visit in Dallas. For those of you thinking about visiting the Dallas Zoo, I wanted to share some of our favorite things to do when we visit. Of course, this just barely scratches the surface. We only go for few hours at a time, but you could seriously spend a full day enjoying all of the different exhibits.

Lacrete Family Children’s Zoo

Lacrete Family Children's zoo (2).png

The Lacrete Family Children’s Zoo is full of so much fun for little ones. From petting zoos to sensory play to water play, this area offers so many fun experiences…not to mention the much needed shade!

Giraffe Feeding

Giraffe Feeding.png

The Giraffe feeding is definitely at the top of our list on almost every visit. This does cost and additional $5, but so worth it!!

Zoo Rides

Fun Zoo Rides.png

The Carrousel and Monorail are so much fun, and they both offer much needed breaks from walking in the Texas heat.

Animal Viewing

Dallas Zoo 1.png
Dallas Zoo 2.png
Dallas Zoo 3.png

In my opinion, these pictures speak for themselves. The animal views are AMAZING. And you get the chance to see a lot of them extremely close up.

The Dallas Zoo is such a fun place to spend a day! So grab your sunscreen, water, and a picnic and head on over!