DIY Sensory Table


Sensory play is one of my favorite open-ended play activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Such a great way to have some fun learning time! From day 1, I have always just set one of those under the bed storage boxes on the ground for our sensory play time, and it has worked great. But, now that my preschooler is four years old (and quite frequently wanting to sit in the dreaded ‘W’ position), I wanted to offer her a way to stand and play.

I’ve been eyeing sensory tables on Amazon for a while, but just never felt like I should spend the money on them. So I decided to build my own. I am no professional builder…I have absolutely no idea what I am doing! I totally winged this, and it WORKED! So I thought I would share the process with you.

What you need:


What you do:

  1. Have Home Depot or Lowe’s cut your materials to size.

  2. Build a rectangle with your 1x6 pieces. Make sure to line these up to make a 90 degree angle.

  3. Add a 2x4 in each corner. I attached them 2 inches inside the 1x6 pieces. This still gave me 4 inches for my under the bed storage container to drop down from the top.

  4. Place storage container in table.

  5. Fill container with items for sensory play and ENJOY!


Maybe that makes sense if you are wanting to build a sensory table for your littles. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I look forward to all the possibilities this set up will provide!

Thanks for reading!!