Kindle Fire Kids Edition with Freetime Unlimited Review

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I have been wanting to write a post about kids and screen time for a while now, and then follow up with a post about how much we love our Kindle Fire Kids Edition with Freetime Unlimited. But, in honor of Amazon Prime day, I decided to go ahead and write about how much we love our Kindle Fire Kids Edition.

Kindle Fire Kids Edition

Picture is linked to product.   Original Price $100       Prime Day Price $70

Picture is linked to product.   Original Price $100       Prime Day Price $70

Picture is linked to product. Original Price $130        Prime Day Price $90

Picture is linked to product. Original Price $130        Prime Day Price $90

Picture is linked to product. Not Included in Prime Day   

Picture is linked to product. Not Included in Prime Day


The Kindle Fire Kids Edition comes with a year subscription to Freetime Unlimited, a wonderful case for protection from those precious little ones, AND a two year warranty...Really, we started having a problem with ours charging, and Amazon replaced it for us! The Kindle Fire Kids Edition come in 7", 8" and 10". The bigger the screen, the better the resolution and more storage you get.  We have the 7, and are completely happy with it. The above pictures have links to each product.

**We did decide to add this Micro SD card to expand storage.**

Freetime Unlimited

Freetime is a subscription (one year included with purchase of Kindle Fire Kids Edition) to unlimited access to TONS of books, educational games, and tv shows. This is seriously so kid friendly, and you are able to personalize for your child.  We have ours set for the 3-5 year old age.  You can also set daily goals and time limits, block entertainment content until all daily educational goals are met, or even blog specific content you do not want your child exposed to. How cool is that? The ability to personalize makes this even more developmentally appropriate.

You actually do not have to have a Kindle Fire Kids Edition to have Freetime Unlimited.  Freetime Unlimited is actually compatible to many different devices including Fire, IOS, Android, Kindle, and even some Amazon Echo's

Click on these pictures to either buy a 1 year plan and save 40% or to try a 1 month FreeTime Unlimited.


As I stated earlier, there are so many ways to personalize your child's FreeTime Unlimited profile.  I absolutely love the safety that this brings to your child having access to a tablet.  This world is scary, friends.  Anything connected to the internet could potentially be very dangerous for our kids, but this feature adds another level of safety.

**Sidenote--Personalization aside, I think you should still keep a VERY close eye on what your child is doing on any matter how safe it is.**


There are SO MANY books included in the Freetime Unlimited Plan.  There is a huge variety of books ranging from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to Big Sister Dora! and Disney Princess books. I prefer to read actual books to my kids, but this is great for offering variety and especially when traveling. 

Educational Games

I think I was most impressed with the Educational Apps collection when we first bought the kids' kindle. There are several Daniel Tiger Apps, which we love...always great for character development. There are also lots of great Math and Reading apps.  And, of course, there are apps that, in my opinion, serve no purpose...but, used with discretion, these are not harmful.


While there are no Disney shows available in Freetime Unlimited, there are lots of PBS show and other favorites.  Some of our favorites are Daniel Tiger, Chloe's Closet, Team Umizoomi, and Mother Goose Club.


Lastly, I just want to say how wonderful this has been when traveling.  We have traveled a good bit the last two years, and I am so thankful we have had this...for car rides and plane rides. And BONUS, you can connect headphones.  I suggest these.

Also, if you buy a Micro SD card, you can download shows, books, and apps to that so you can have access to them while away from WiFi.

ABC Mouse and Netflix

You can also exit out of the kid profile to access regular apps.  Don't worry, you have to have a passcode to do this.  I love that we can access ABC Mouse and Netflix from the main screen.  We have also downloaded shows on Netflix for travel days.

**You can actually set the profile to allow certain Apps (like ABC Mouse and Netflix) from your regular screen to show up in the FreeTime.  We prefer to keep them seperate, but this could be useful information for some of you.**

If you have been considering buying a Kindle Fire Kids Edition for your kids, take advantage of Prime Day.  You could give it now before your next summer trip, or you could save for a Birthday present or Christmas Present.  Or if you already have a tablet, you could just try out the FreeTime Unlimited free trial or 40% off the year long subscription.

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