Moon Sand Fun

Last week we were stuck at home due to an ear infection and fever.  By day 3, we were going a little stir crazy, so I pulled out ingredients for moon sand.  This is such an easy process, and Emma enjoyed helping so it bought us a lot of play time.

What you need:

32 oz Cornstarch

1 1/2 cups Coconut Oil

Food Coloring

Rubbermaid Tub

Cups, bowls, molds

**We used gel food coloring, and it didn’t was just all I had at the moment.**

What you do:


First, add your food coloring to the oil. Gel food coloring will not work for this...hence the purple specks in our moon sand.


Next, pour ingredients into tub...make sure to let your child do most of the work. I like to measure out the ingredients and then let Emma do the pouring and mixing.


After that, you just mix up the ingredients in the tub.  When you first start to mix, things get sticky. But, once the consistency is correct, it shouldn’t be a bit sticky!


Lastly, enjoy some play time. Emma played with in this sensory bin for over 30 minutes...that’s a pretty good chunk of time, Momma’s!

Moon Sand Sensory Play-Stay At Home Momming.png