Morning Routine for Work At Home Moms

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This blog journey is the second time I am attempting to work from home. The first time was for the first two years of my daughter's life. I did not flourish (at all) working from home then. Thankfully, I learned a lot from my mistakes, and this time around I feel like I'm doing a better job of finding the organization and balance that a side hustle needs. The main reason I feel like this is because of my morning routine.

Routine Means EVERY Day

The most important thing you need to take away from this post is that this is a ROUTINE.  This is not something I do once a week.  I TRY to do it every single day...that is really the only way this will be successful.


The other most important thing you need to take away from this post is that you have to wake up BEFORE your kids.  Before baby #2, I knew my oldest was going to sleep till at least 8am every day.  This meant that I did not have to wake up that early to get up before her.  Now that my little firecracker baby #2 is here, I know he's gonna wake up around 6:30.  Honestly, if they were not sharing a room, I would make him stay in his bed till 7:00, but that doesn't work right now with big sissy still trying to sleep in the room. So I've learned the hard way over the past few months, and I now wake up by 5:30.  I know it is EARLY. But you get used to it.  I think the thing that helped make it easier for me was to realize that it was more important to have a successful day with my kiddos than to have those few more minutes of sleep.

Benefits of a Morning Routine

First and foremost adults and kids know what to expect when there is a routine in place, and you are able to plan around that routine.  If you know that your kids are gonna wake up at 7:00, then you can plan how early you need to wake up based on that time.

Like I said earlier, I have never loved mornings.  It is really important to me to be able to wake up before my kids so that I can wake up slowly.  If I wake up the same time as the kids, I spend the rest of the day feeling tired and like a walking zombie...I NEED the time to sit and drink coffee so I can fuel up for the day!

Lastly, waking up early helps me to not start the day out behind. When I wake up before the kids, I am able to be prepare for the day ahead. I am able to get my head on straight and know what I am trying to do when.

Break Down of My Morning Routine

  1. Quiet Time/Bible Study-I just spend this time studying God's word. 
  2. Make To Do List and Look Over Planner-I make my to do list for the day if I didn't do that the night before.  Then I look over my planner to make sure I'm not missing anything coming up.
  3. Start on To Do List-Then I just start to tackle that to do list until the kids wake up. Once they wake up, I leave it to rest until nap.
  4. Morning 5- I read about this years ago, and I've really been doing this for about 2 years now.  It has made such a huge difference in my life.  I have identified the 5 things I need to do each morning to make me feel like I had a successful day as a mom and a wife.  My morning 5 includes a quiet time for myself, bible story with the kids, unload the dishwasher, make beds, and spend time with my kiddos.  Making sure I do these things first thing every morning helps set me up for success. AND, if I don't accomplish anything else that day, I still feel successful.

Exceptions to My Routine

As always, there are exceptions to every rule.  Although I do my very best to make myself get out of bed before the kids every morning, there are days that sleep is more important that my to do list.  For example, when I was pregnant with baby #2, I hardly ever woke up before my oldest.  Sleep won that war, hands down.  When I have spent the majority of the night up and down taking care of a sick or teething baby, sleep wins. And when we are traveling or just completely out of our routine, sleep wins.

Give yourself grace in these times.  We are not robots.  We are sinners living in an imperfect world where things go wrong. It is what it is.  Do your best to drag yourself out of bed, but don't beat yourself up if you just need some more sleep.

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