The Reason Breastfeeding is SO HARD

Breastfeeding is SO HARD. I have not had as hard a time as some, but I also do NOT view it as EASY or even ‘natural’. For me, the physical act of nursing came easily, but the mental side of it was a lot to deal with. It was seriously a mental battle for me.

A few months ago, I was driving down the road thinking about how many times I’ve heard the argument that God created women FOR THIS. THIS is natural, and it is what God created your body to do. While I am PRO breastfeeding, this way of thinking is dangerous.

YES, God did create our bodies to feed our babies. It is AMAZING. But a big piece of the puzzle is missing with this argument. We are living in a fallen world. EVERYTHING has been tainted by sin. THAT, friends, is why breastfeeding is so hard. That is why it just does not work for some people. That is why some babies are unable to nurse or why some moms have physical barriers that prevent nursing.

I am not trying to be a ‘Debbie Downer’ by saying these things. The only reason I am sharing this, is to give you, Momma, a little encouragement. Breastfeeding is hard because it has been tainted by sin. Praise the LORD for his mercies and grace to get us through. Praise the LORD for giving men on Earth the brains to develop infant formula for when we need it. And praise the LORD for loving us and our babies NO MATTER HOW THEY ARE FED!

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