Baby Sleep Products We Can't Live Without

I know how weird this is going to sound, but I am so passionate about the topic of baby sleep.  I can't help it.  It has just been such a huge blessing to me as a mom.  I want others to experience that blessing, as well.

We all know that every baby is different and different things work for different people.  But today, I want to share with you the FIVE baby sleep products that BOTH of my kiddos have loved.  These 5 things have really helped both of my littles to learn to love to sleep. Click the picture to go directly to the product.

Noise Maker

This goes number one on my list for a reason.  If you don't buy anything else to help your children sleep, buy this.  This is great for all ages (even adults)! Not only do noisemakers help newborns adjust to life outside of their mother's womb, noisemakers also help block out noise that might disturb older babies, toddlers, and preschoolers while they sleep.  I have found that by only using the noisemaker while sleeping helps teach my kids that if the white noise is playing then it is time to sleep. This is my favorite noisemaker.

Sleep Sack

I also think a sleep sack is very important.  First, it helps you know that your child is warm without the risk of a blanket in the bed.  Second, it helps those older babies not able to move around quite as much. And, third, it is just another tool to use to signal bedtime.  My eight month old's eyes start getting heavy the second I turn on the noisemaker and zip him into his sleep sack.

***If you have a newborn, I suggest using the Miracle Blanket swaddle, and I absolutely loved the Magic Merlin's Sleep Suit from three to 6 months. At 6 months (or whenever baby starts to roll in the Magic Merlin's Sleep Suit), I like to start using a regular sleep sack...I prefer the Halo Sleep Sack***


I know that some people are just completely against pacifiers, and that is OK. BUT, I am not against them...I am very much FOR pacifiers.  Both of my kiddos have loved the Wubanub. Any pacifier you want to use is fine.  I like to offer multiple wubanubs in the crib.  That way if the baby rolls to the other end of the crib while sleeping, they have a better chance of finding a wubanub when they wake in between sleep cycles. I also offer opportunities to practice independently placing the paci/wubanub in their mouth.  It is a glorious day when they place that paci in themselves for the first time!!

Night Time Diapers

When my first was a baby, a friend from church shared this tip with literally changed everything.  Not only do we use night time diapers every single night, but we use one size up from what they normally wear.  So if your baby wears a size 3 diaper during the day, put them in a size 4 night time diaper.  We only ever use Pampers Baby Dry or Target brand Night time.

Comfy Pj's

Lastly, I really notice a difference when my kiddos are in really comfy PJ's.  My personal favorite are the Cloud Island Brand from Target, but they don't have 12 month in the footie pj's, so I like the Carter's ZIP UP sleep and play sets also. We're really loving the footless ones in this summer heat!

And that's a wrap! Those are my top 5, can't live without baby sleep products. Comment with questions! And, as always, follow on Instagram for daily tips!

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Why I Think Sleep Training Your Baby Is Important

Sleep Training...there are SO many opinions out there about sleep training.  I’m not writing this to shame anyone. I do not think that my opinion is the ONLY correct opinion.  I just want to share MY reasons for sleep training MY babies. Having babies that sleep well has been such a blessing to me, as a mom, and I want to share my reasons with you.  

If you are against sleep training, guess what? That’s ok. I respect your opinion. And this article probably is not for you.  If you LOVE sleep training, read on and enjoy. If you are on the fence about how to handle sleep with your new baby or soon to be baby, read on. I hope that this article encourages you.

Like I said earlier, there are so many different opinions out there regarding sleep training.  Of course, when I was pregnant with my first I wanted to have a ‘good sleeper’. So I spent lots of time reading lots of different opinions about sleep training...and, let me tell you, there are some STRONG opinions. I took different approaches from different places and made my own ‘plan’.  Really, I just purposed to teach healthy sleep habits from the very beginning. While I do think that my approach to sleep training has played a huge role in the happiness of my family, I realize that it is not for everyone. BUT, here are MY reasons for sleep training:


When you have a bad night sleep, how do you feel the next day? Tired? Grumpy? Not ready to be sociable?  Yep, that’s how I feel, too. AND I think that’s how babies feel also. A tired baby is a grumpy baby. End of story. When you teach your child to sleep, you are helping set them up for success.  Now does this mean that every single day they will be the happiest baby ever? Of course not, but it does mean that there is a better chance of them being the happiest baby ever. I firmly believe that the reason BOTH of my kiddos were/have been happy babies is because they sleep well.


I do not know if this one is more for me or for the kiddos, but there is just something about knowing the plan that brings calm to our house.  We have a bedtime that we try to stick to, and, let me tell you, how calming it is to know that at 7:00 the baby is going down for the night (PS-He’s crying as I write this at 10 PM--gotta keep me humble!).  My point is, a regular routine helps us to have consistent nights of good sleep. We do not go into the night wondering how many times we will have to get up, but we go into the night looking forward to getting the rest and sleep that we need.


Self-care is such a huge topic these days amongst young moms. I’m glad. I’m all about self-care, and, in my life, sleep training has been that BEST form of self-care for myself. I have time to take a shower every night after the kids go down.  I have time to wake up BEFORE they do to have some time to myself...I spend this time with a cup of coffee and a quiet time.  Of course, there are days this doesn’t happen, and those days remind me just how important it is to have that time in the mornings.


My husband and I are able to spend time together. If our kiddos’ sleep was all over the map, we would not have consistent time to invest in each other.  Marriage is hard. It is harder after kiddos enter your world and take up 99% of your time. So, after the kids are in bed and the kitchen is clean, we get to hang out...even if all we do is watch Designated Survivor and go to bed before 10!


Lastly, sleep makes me a better mom.  I have never done well on little sleep.  I NEED sleep. When I am rested, I am a much better mom.  I have the energy to invest in my little ones, and I have the energy to accomplish the household tasks I need to accomplish to keep our house running smoothly FOR our little ones.

In short, sleep training helps all of us thrive. It has been the BEST thing for our family.  I do not regret one second of teaching my kids how to sleep well.

Did you sleep train your kiddos?  Leave a comment with how it has blessed you!