50 Ideas for Summer Outings with your Kids

50 Summer Outings with Kids

When we moved to Dallas almost two years ago, I was overwhelmed with the endless possibilities for outings.  There is seriously ALWAYS something new to go do. Thankfully, someone sent me a list of ideas they had for the Dallas area.  It helped me so much to have an organized list of activities, so here is a list for you. This is not just specific to Dallas.

50 Summer Outings for you Kids--50 ideas of fun Summer Outings for you and your kids

1-Indoor mall

2-Storytime at the Library

3-Church Play Area

4-Indoor Play Area

5-Target (we love looking at the toys...train your children to not ask to buy, but to enjoy looking)

6-Museum (TIP-ask grandparents for memberships as birthday/Christmas gifts)

7-Open Gym at local recreation center

8-Jump place


10-Splash Pad

11-Picnic at a lake

12-Zoo (again, TIP-ask grandparents for memberships as birthday/Christmas gifts)

13-Feed ducks

14-Snow cone outing

15-visit an Orchard

16-Ice Cream Outing

17-visit a local farm/petting zoo

18- go on a hike

19- go to a movie

20-water park

21-amusement park

22-mini golf


24-ride the local train

25-go to a baseball game or other sporting event

26-Farmer’s Market

27-fly a kite at the park

28-take a one day road trip (Waco, TX is on our list)

29-manicures and pedicures for little girls (inexpensive and oh so fun!)

30-go fishing

31-attend an art class

32-trip to dollar tree

33-trip to pet store

34-Ride bikes on local trail

35-Chick-Fil- A (We live in walking distance!)


37-Trampoline Park

38-Trader Joe’s or local grocery store

39-Watch airplanes take off and land at airport

40-Fire Station

41- ceramic painting

42-home depot workshop

43- free local concert

44-Indoor ice skating

45-Take nature pictures

46-Disney Store

47-Visit a pool


49-Happy Hour at Sonic (Again, this one is walking distance for us!)

50-attend a music class

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5 Tips for Outings with Kids

Over the last 4 years, I have learned the importance of getting out of the house.  Don’t get me wrong, we have so much fun on the days we stay at home. But, let’s be real, sometimes those walls start closing in when you’ve been inside too long with your kiddos. I know how hard it can be with little ones to make an outing possible, so here are my 5 tips to get you out of the house.

5 Tips for Outings with Kids Pinterest.png

Pack Food

Whether you are planning on being away from home for an hour or five hours, pack food.  Seriously, there is nothing worse than a 30 minute car ride home with a hungry toddler.

Plan to be gone longer than anticipated

This is one that my husband will laugh about...I do not always have the best time management, and I always think things will take less time than they actually do. Of course with young children, things always take much longer than anticipated. So plan to be gone longer than the amount of time you think your outing will take...pack extra diapers, wipes, etc....

Plan around naps and rest time

So, there are days that I try really hard to be that mom that is ok with missing rest time/naps, but, really, it stresses me out so much to throw my kiddos off like that.  I just think that is setting them up for a big ole melt down...and who wants that? Sure, there are days that I will agree to throw our routine off completely, but, as a rule, I plan all outings around naps and rest time.  

*Exception to the rule*

Obviously the baby has to nap out and about some...we would never go anywhere if I didn’t let that happen!

Communicate Expectations

One thing that really makes a difference for my Emma is for her to understand exactly what the plan is going to be.  Before Robert came along we could leave the house for hours on end, but now that we have our sweet Bubba with us we just can’t stay away as long.  Communicating how long we will be able to stay somewhere has been extremely helpful.

Just Do It!

Sometimes we just have to make ourselves get out of the house.  Sometimes I think there is just too much preparation that goes into an outing with kiddos, but oh how refreshing an outing can be for everyone involved.  So just get out of your house and go somewhere to enjoy time with your little ones.