Summer Schedule with a Baby and a Preschooler

As I mentioned in my last post about summer, Emma and I LOVE a routine.  I actually have a hard time getting anything accomplished if I do not have a routine in place.  It took me lots of years to learn that, so now that I know this about myself I can actually do something about it. Emma goes to preschool 3 days a week during the school year, so our summer schedule looks completely different than our school year schedule (although lots of routines stay the same).

Before I begin, it is important that you understand that I see a schedule as more of a goal for each day.  Some days it works. Some days its a flop. The days that it works, we thrive. We typically struggle on the days the schedule doesn’t work for us, but that is ok.  What a great teachable moment...even if things don’t go as planned, we move forward with smiles on our faces.

Next, it is important that you understand that, as the mommy, I make or break the schedule.  The schedule simply will not happen if I do not do my part. This means getting going first thing in the morning.  Sure, we will have days that we have a lazy start to the morning (this means me sitting around with a second, or even third, cup of coffee), BUT it is my responsibility to get us started off each morning on the right foot. One thing that really helps me make this happen is to wake up early.  I have learned that it really makes our days so much better when I wake up early to have a quiet time and to prepare myself for the day.

So, here is our schedule:

7:00 Wake Robert up if he does not wake up on his own. Change diaper, feed, and spend a few minutes cuddling. 

7:30 Wake Emma up (some days I will let her sleep late), Breakfast and Bible time at the kitchen table.  Bible time for us is a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible, a short bible verse (we do a different one each week), and sometimes a short catechism question.

8:15 Morning Chores- Emma’s morning chores include clearing her place at the table, unloading utensils from the dishwasher, and replacing the trash bag.

8:30 Emma will get to pick a show to watch.  Robert will play with toys at his high chair in the kitchen, while I unload the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, and pack lunches.

9:00 Get dressed for the day (unless we are having a PJ day at home).

9:30 Robert goes down for nap (sometimes this will be in his bed, sometimes it will be in his carseat as we are leaving for an outing).  If we are staying home, I will take advantage of Robert’s nap time to spend some time with Emma.  I plan to do a little formal teaching during this time this summer (more on that later). But again, some days we will just play and enjoy spending time together.

11:00 Feed Robert, and head outside.  Sometimes this will be just going on a walk.  Sometimes it will be a short trip to the park or the Dallas Arboretum for a picnic and play time. The point is just to get out of the house.

1:00   Back to house, feed Robert, squeeze in a quick bath if necessary.

1:30 Nap for Robert, rest time for Emma...I'm still trying to decide exactly what rest time will look like this summer.  

3:00 Puzzles, books, or craft time for Emma

4:00 Feed Robert, Emma picks show to watch

4:30 Clean up--we like to make sure the house is clean before daddy comes home from work. This is also where I will squeeze in bath time if we didn’t do that before nap.

5:00 Emma completes lesson on ABC Mouse while I cook dinner and complete daily chores

6:00 Dinner

6:30 Feed Robert, Emma can watch a show or read books with Daddy

7:00 Bedtime

**Robert is breastfed, so his feeding schedule is not set in stone. On some days, he will eat at exactly 7, 10, 1, 4, and 6:30; but other days he will do his own thing. AND, that is OK!! Also, some days he will need to squeeze in a third nap still.**

**I like to do the kids' baths before my husband gets home from work. This allows for less stress after dinner and more relaxed family time spent together.  I realize that most moms wait till dad is home to do bath, but this is what works best for our family.**

As I said earlier, this schedule is more of a goal in my eyes.  Sometimes we are right on time every step of the way. Sometimes we might be an hour off.  Sometimes we might just throw the schedule out completely. Also, let’s just be honest, with a baby in the house, the schedule is ever changing.  I just know that, for myself, I will be much more productive and feel much better about time spent with my kids if I have a plan, or a goal for each day. I hope you will follow along with our summer fun this year (click to sign up for emails)!

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