Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for your Toddler or Preschooler

I love to turn used items into a good craft for Emma.  One of her favorites is to make some kind of craft from toilet paper rolls! She is very diligent to save EVERY SINGLE toilet paper and paper towel roll we use.  And one day, I randomly look in our craft drawer to see a drawer FULL of cardboard rolls. We have made several crafts we really love, but here are some other ideas with full tutorials that I really like.




Emma and I made these binoculars a long time ago, and she has used them SO MUCH! She grabs them almost every time we go on a walk or go outside to play.  As you can see in this picture, she wore them the day we planted seeds. You can read about that here.  

I found this great tutorial from Buggy and Buddy. They use their binoculars for cloud observation.



This adorable turkey came from The Resourceful Mama. These are great for Fall/Thanksgiving.  How cute would it be to have your child make each family member a turkey and use it as a place card?  Emma and I made a 'turkey family' this year.  She was so proud of them and they turned out so cute that we are saving them to set out again next year.


This is a such a cute idea, also from Buggy and Buddy.  Emma loves kazoos, so this is going on our list of crafts to make together.


These Japanese flying carp are the beautiful.  The tutorial can be found at Squirrelly Minds.  This one might be geared towards older kids, but if you feel inspired to try with your toddler or preschooler...go for it!



This butterfly craft is simple and cute.  You can find the tutorial on The Resourceful Mama. If you have toddlers, take the time to pre cute all of the pieces needed. If you have a preschooler, let them try their hand at using scissors...such a great pre-writing skill! 


What a great easy idea to help you use up those toilet paper rolls you've been collecting...that's normal, right???  Anyway, this one is definitely going on our list of crafts to make. You can find the info at Crafty Morning.


This one is a great idea for 4th of July or New Year's Eve.  We will probably try this one on 4th of July.  You can find the tutorial on Learning 4 Kids.

Jungle Scene


Ok, I saved my favorite for last.  How cute is this?? This one is a bit time consuming, but it would be a great way to fill up your summer days.  You could pick a week and spend each day preparing a different piece of this play set.  Then your kids can play with it for weeks.  Seriously, the possibilities are endless.  Find the tutorial at Kids Craftroom.

I hope you find some crafty inspiration from these great tutorials.