Water Gun Painting

For years I have been wanting to try all of the fun water gun art projects you see in Pinterest.  We finally had an opportunity while visiting family in Mississippi.  This was seriously SO much fun! You definitely need to add this to your Summer Bucket List!

Water Gun Painting- Fun process art for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children--even adults! This is a great Summer Bucket List Activity

What you need: 

  • butcher paper, posters, or something else to 'paint' on
  • tape (to hang paper)
  • water guns
  • paint (we used acrylic, but I recommend this)
  • water 

What you do:

Hang paper outside. Be very thoughtful about where you hang your paper.  The paint will not stay on the paper.  It will make a bit of a mess. We attached ours to some tree branches away from the house.

Fill the water guns with a paint and water mixture.  The first time I made the mixture too watery.  You want it to be a little bit thicker...the paper will tear if it gets too wet.

Let your child go to town! Emma really got into this.  She also wanted me to help some, so I did!


We had so much fun doing this, and I really loved the end product.  We plan to use these as decorations for her Birthday party (look for that post next week). BUT, this would make really cute wall art for a playroom or kid's room!