Weekly Summer Fun

Now that I have my daily summer schedule set, I want to make a weekly plan.  The reason I also want a weekly plan is so that I can make sure I am offering a wide range of experiences instead of doing the same things over and over. Of course, Pinterest was a great help in setting this plan. Make sure you read to the bottom to see a free printable for planning each week!

Messy Monday + Movie Monday

Messy Monday’s will be spent doing crafts that make a mess or making a sensory activity to play with during the week...or maybe even just playing in mud!  Emma LOVES a good craft and gets really into sensory bins... So I am always thinking of ideas that I think she would love (and that focus on necessary skills). To see what we do on Messy Monday’s follow us on Instagram.

We also love movies at our house, so Movie Monday was a must for us.  We will make a special snack (normally popcorn with M&M’s) and cuddle up on the couch for a movie.  We will mostly stick to movies found on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Take a Trip Tuesday + Tidy up Tuesday

On Tuesday we will GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.  My next post will be full of ideas for summer outings with young kids.  Sometimes outings can be a lot of trouble and stress mommy out, but they are so good for the soul...for mommy and kiddos both.  Sometimes it will be just the three of us, and sometimes we will go with friends.

Most Tuesday nights we host our community group from church, so Tidy Up Tuesday is very important.  I include Emma in cleaning up and preparing our home for guests. This is a very teachable moment, and something that I feel is very important for her to learn.  We want her to grow up in a home where others always feel welcome and loved. Also, having a set time to clean helps me to stay on top of housework...I tend to let things pile up if I don't have a set time to complete housework.

Water Fun Wednesday

Water Fun Wednesday will probably be Emma’s favorite day of the week...not sure about Robert!  We are fortunate enough to have access to a pool where we live. Last summer, we could go and stay for hours at a time.  I’m sure we will spend most Water Wednesday’s at our pool. But sometimes we will venture out to a splash pad, or we will head to The Dallas Arboretum for some water fun.

Take a Trip Thursday + Thoughtful Thursday

Just like on Tuesday, every Thursday I plan to get us out of the house. We will also have Thoughtful Thursday.  I plan to spend this time making cards, a special craft, or even a fun video to send to our out of town family. This is a great way to keep Emma connected to our families since we do not live close.  This is also a great way to help her learn how to think of others.

Fun with Food Friday

And, lastly, Fridays will be spent cooking or baking. I am excited to be more intentional about spending time with my children in the kitchen.  Sometimes I am hesitant to do this because of the mess that will surely ensue, but I will purpose in my heart to just get over that this summer.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, thank you! I look forward to sharing our summer adventures with you over the next few months. Follow along on Instagram to see the details from each week!